Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

A Quick Exit from the Citadel of Whispers

Where in we take the wise route and flee from the red dragon

Stuck in a pseudodragon body, Sammael drinks another random potion, transforming into a dragonborn.

He was unhappy with that, so he drank another random potion and gained a blind third eye.

Still not satisfied, he drinks another potion, but isn’t able to notice any changes.

We don’t let him drink any more potions.

Theren got some psychic power from drinking a position and used it to start opening the psychic doors.

The first one we tried led to a cell with a githyanki hanging from the wall while a ghost of a slain githyanki warrior watches over him.

The prisoner’s name was Ellv, a member of the githyanki resistance. Healing him and releasing him caused the spirit to attack.

Combat ensued!

During the fight, the spirit used its silver sword to send Theren to a pocket dimension, where he sees the navy of Kelemvor attacking the Nine Hells.

We defeat the spirit and Ellv is able to identify one of the potions as an instant linked portal. He is also able to tell us that the library is on the second floor. To get to the second floor, we need to go through the Black Heart (past the Dreadnought Hall). He also shares the command word (“Zankor”) for a teleportation circle accessible from the Dreadnought Hall (north).

Leaving the room and heading toward the Dreadnought Hall, we encounter three more duthkagith and female githyanki in red lacquered armor.

Combat ensued!

We manage to kill the duthkagith, but the female githyanki in the armor turns into a dragon we are unable to defeat. We retreat and use the portal Ellv told us about to escape – we reappear back in the courtyard with the statue of Gith that we used to teleport into the citadel.

We use the linked portal potion to teleport to the resistance safehouse, the portal closing just as the red dragon appears but it’s unable to follow us through.

We level to level 19 for the next session.



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