Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Death and Temptation

Zereb-Kahn dies and Theren betrays the party for a new patron, then promptly betrays the new patron for the party

+1 soul for Theren.

We were barely (barely!) able to defeat Uther Alabrian, but Zereb-Kahn fell in the battle. After a brief rest, we were loading his body on a litter when we noticed a wooden eladrin trying to sneak around and spy on us.

He said that the Briar Witch summoned us, to “spare your lives.”

Brought to her audience chambers, we find the Briar Witch to be a dryad grown into the ground, her vines extending through the area.

She demanded fealty, saying that she was allow us to live – and keep our freedom for a while.

She offered to wipe away Theren’s infernal taint and to give Sardon strength, speed and power.

Sardon attacked.

+1 soul for Theren

Theren accepted the Witch’s offer, bargaining his servitude for everyone else’s freedom. The rest of the party didn’t like that plan, though, and continued fighting. Theren turned on the Briar Witch, returning to his comrades (taking almost all the Briar Witch’s minions out).

The Briar Witch then ripped through Theren’s soul again (he was no longer able to benefit from pact boons, feeling the arcane energy slipping away from him) and then fled.

The Briar Witch didn’t make a reappearance, and we fled. Once we stumbled back into the real world the castle shimmered and moved back to the Feywild.

Returning to the town of Bryn Shander, the men took their caps off out of respect for Zereb-Kahn’s sacrifice. Szelrina greeted us in town and Zereb’Kahn’s body was laid out in the Falconer’s Rest. She was able to return him to life (rather dramatically).

Theren realized he was clean of any warlock pact…

The group collected their supplies and prepared to continue travel to Dark Arrow Keep to stop the orc invasion. We were able to navigate our ways to the Keep with two days to spare.

+3130 XP Total: 20,871 XP

  • 1400 gp
  • 2100 gp worth of ritual components

Total Theren souls: 122… is that it forever?



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