Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Ice Tiger Hunt

Wherein the goliath punk turns out to be a little bitch

We meet with the goliaths to appeal to them to help us in our quest.

The goliath council (Forstwalker Clan) consists of Larina Peak-Stalker, Warun (the youngest on the council) and the elder Morek of the Five Winds. They are reluctant to help due to many of their own having been lost recently in an avalanche – but they agree to help if we can prove ourselves to be worthy of joining the tribe. Keldar reveals that he had known this tribe before and joined them, but was sworn to secrecy, which is why he didn’t reveal his connection before.

Scouting the mountains for the white tigers we need to bring back pelts for, we are ambushed by two tigers and an ice beast. Whenever one of us killed an ice tiger, they received a frost brand on their chest – but then Warun was enraged that he was not the one to kill the ice tiger. Apparently he had killed the other goliaths out of jealously and pride.

After defeating him, we discovered troglodyte tracks that looked like they were dragging still-bleeding bodies away from the site of the avalanche where the original goliath party fell, suggesting they had taken the survivors. We put put Warun’s unconscious body on a Tenser’s floating disk and followed the path.

  • -10 gp for Tenser’s floating disk
  • Warun had a +2 frost longsword
  • Lia & Harold got brands of the North Winds
  • total party treasure: 545 gp

We find the mountain and descend into it, finding an ice-filled chamber that the troglodyes appear to be using as a lair. One looks up from a gruesome meal to see Lia sneaking up on them…

XP: 550



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