Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Nearing the Library

Now with 200% more heroism

We explore the entrance chamber for Vlaakith’s chambers, finding two illusionary walls/secret chambers.

One hidden chamber has two illusionary walls of its own.

A hidden room between the two original secret doors holds a triangular table built of flesh and bone, with chairs adorned with tiny demon skulls. Powerful skulls line the walls in alcoves as well. We take a few trophies.

Exploring the other secret door off the first small room and find a vaulted chamber that is completely empty except for a shaft extending through the ceiling. Our minds are assaulted by vile thoughts as some psionic spell or creature burrows into our minds and tries to consume our memories, but we’re able to fight it off.

Heading back to the entrance chamber and going through the other secret door, we find a black sarcophagus with a githyanki knight on it and (shockingly) no more secret doors. The floor is covered in a layer of bones.

Opening the sarcophagus sets off runs that suck the moisture out of Loakan. The attack would have killed a lesser goliath, but he stood strong. Inside is a mummified knight with jeweled armor with a scorpion motif. A shattered great sword with a scorpion hilt lies next to him.

Underneath his helmet is a piece of astral driftmetal that merges with the other piece that we found before. It’s beginning to look like parts of a disc.

Zerab-kahn recalled that this was apparently The Scorpion, an ancient and powerful githyanki pirate who raided the mortal realm and almost conquered all mortal races.

Loakan and Sammael climb up the shaft in the psionc trap room and encounter ghostly duthkagith guards.

Combat ensues!

During the fight, one of the guards left to tell the Lich Queen we were there and Sammael jumped down the shaft to kill him. Zereb-kahn jumped down after him (in water form).

We dispatch the enemies – and level up to 20!



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