Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Not the Sharpest Tooth in the Dragon's Maw

Koraxis, the adamantine dragon, reveals a hatred for Orellion and his brood

Across the ice bridge was a giant slab of ice with a goliath (possibly dead, possibly unconscious) atop it.

Loakan noticed that an adamantine dragon was slowly climbing its way across the icy ceiling, moving very slowly as if it was looking for something.

We hailed the dragon, offering to help the dragon find whatever it is looking for in exchange for returning the fallen goliaths.

The dragon was trying to decipher the runes on the ceiling that the brood of Aurelion left on the ceiling. Apparently he rather hates the white dragon.

The ceiling of the chamber had explosive runes carved into it, and magical energy suffusing the chamber. Setting them off could even collapse part of the mountain. We were able to convince the dragon to give us the goliath and he revealed himself as Koraxis.

We took the surviving goliaths back to their tribe.

650 XP – total XP 1001



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