Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Returning to the Palace of Whispers

Wherein we explore Vlaakith's personal chambers

Taking refuge with Zetch’r’r, we explain what happened in the Palace of Whispers (somehow he’s impressed with this). He is very interested in the Inquisitor’s private journal.

Sammael, still bothered by being a warped dragonborn, asked Vrax to reincarnate him and restore him to drow-dom.

Instead, a male tiefling appeared, claiming to be Morden Moonblade. We retire to talk while Vrax tries to recover Sammael from the Beyond.

The next morning, Sammael magically returned, saying that his soul had been held by Vulnazzar. The devil had apparently been very insistent, wanting to get Theren back into the fold, offering to restore Sammael to his drow form.

Sammael refused, but apparently was reborn anyway. We found him in the reading room in the morning. Moonblade has disappeared as well.

Zetch’r’r offers more support when we return to the palace, and we have him identify the random potions we found:

  • 41: permanent darkvision
  • 37: turn into a tiny stone statue (remove affliction to reverse)
  • 45: instant speak with dead
  • 40: permanent mage hand at will
  • 44: gain turn undead for 24 hours
    Zareb-kahn drank the darkvision potion and Loakan drank the mage-hand potion.

He also gives us 6 potions of resistance (fire) and explains that Holocaust actually serves a duthkagith wizard (Zr’kiil, one of Vlaakith’s most powerful spellcasters). Zetch’r’r also protects us from the palace whispers by deafening us and giving us telepathy amongst ourselves.

We use linked portal to return to the “exit chamber” in the Palace of Whispers and are almost immediately scryed upon.

We head through the Dreadnought Hall and open the portal on the other side to reveal a room shaped like the inside of an enormous basketball of sewn illithid flesh, writhing in agony. On the far side of the room is another door, shaped to hold an ectoplasmic door, but filled with opaque silvery-grey mist instead. The illithid flesh undulates like creatures are desperate pushing through from the other side, probably human or githyanki souls or bodies.

The chamber appears to be Vlaakith’s personal meditation chamber, and the silvery-grey mist would cause any creature moving through it to re-live every wound they have ever experience.

Dissipating the silver pain mist, we find a room containing enormous frescos of aspects of the warrior Gith. There are several doors:

  • to the west is a door filled with stitched flesh
  • to the east is an open passageway leading to another room of statues.

The statues appear to be all the different Vlaakiths, all prostrate towards a sarcophagi shaped like a red dragon with the inscription “death befalls all those who disturb the ashes of Gith.”

Burning the undead flesh door, we find several zombie githyanki apparently guarding an illithid writhing in agony, with bodies of other creatures impaled on spikes all around the room.

Cutting through another flesh-door, we find another large chamber filled with obsidian statues of demons and robed wizards in some sort of chamber of trophies, including a pile of githzerai heads, a plucked vrock and a human girl with bronze hair (who reveals herself as Azenstar, a bronze dragon who lived with the gnomes and served as a mount for a gnome paladin).

The trophies

  • a pair of large, bloodied angel wings
  • a lump of black lead and the shattered blade of a magic greatsword
  • a desiccated brain
  • a shriveled heart the size of a basketball
  • a heavy mace
  • a bejeweled crown
  • sheets of flayed, white flesh
  • a statue of an owl

We decide to release the dragon, springing her lock…



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