Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Siege of the Black Hand's Fortress

Outside the orc stronghold, we debate what we want to do next: try to stealth in, rush the king or go with some story about having information for the king.

We decide to go with a half-true story about being survivors of the attack on the orcs that captured Loakan’s village.

Putting on the magic orc illusion masks, we make our way up the path to the keep. We’re met by Loktar who questions us. Failing at intimidating or bluffing past him, we ask him to take us to Sogol, the Eye of Gruumsh we knew of – but apparently the adviser had a falling out with the king and there was some tension within the orc encampment.

Loktar takes us into the camp to see Sogol, who was in a tent painted with a single eye.

We revealed ourselves to Sogol, explaining the truth of the situation to him. Sogol says that he had such suspicions for a while, explaining that many had begun to think the king had gone mad.

Moving to speak with the king, Sogol gathers Loktar and takes us to the throne room to speak with the king and confront Harg, the Black Hand disguised as the king’s trusted advisor.

We ripped off our masks and Harg dropped all pretense – combat ensued!

The ogre shape shifts into King Obold, and the two tumble together.

During the fight, we prevent Harg from escaping and Obold actually killed his own imposter. Obold purges his keep of Black Hand spies.

We spoke with Sogol about allying with the Ten Towns to unite against Aurelion. Obold returns, saying that his men tracked the escaping Black Hands and uncovered their hidden fortress. The orcs are attacking now and we will be following to attack immediately.

We lay siege to the Black Hand’s fortress! Combat ensues (after shopping).

We use catapults to great effect against Aurelion when he shows up to help Lucan and the last few guards surrender to us.

They explain that Lucan hasn’t been seen in years, orders only come down from his lieutenants. His mages apparently regularly perform rituals, teleporting great steel-bound stone cauldrons to Baldur’s gate.

We notice that smoke is pouring out of the doors of the ziggurat fortress and head inside to investigate, finding shelves of scrolls being burned by a robed human. Restraining him and slapping him, we find out that he is actually a githyanki wearing a human maskā€¦

We interrogate the githyanki and he reveals that their astral vessel is docked in a canyon in the fortress.

We search Lucan’s chamber and find that he had died 4 or 5 years ago, skewered to his throne by a githyanki sword. We return to the githyanki ships to prevent them from escaping. We push them all over the side, but not before they launch the vessel – but not before the ship takes off with everyone except Theren on board.

Regaining control over the astral ship, we discover what they were shipping in the cauldron’s was god’s blood. A shipment was in the vessel: enough for one weapon or armor.

Treasure given & purchased
  • armor of aegis expansion +3
  • +3 healer’s brooch
  • shield of the world tree
  • +3 githyanki silver longsword



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