Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Surprising the Githyanki High Inquisitor

Wherein we murder another beholder and drink some random potions

Inside the hidden room, we find a table, another rejuvenation egg and a chest of drawers, filled with githyanki robes that have been cut short – and we realize that the high inquisitor is supposed to have no legs. We also found two more illusionary walls.

One leads to what appears to be a ritual chamber. We find 6x potion of vitality and about a dozen unmarked vials of random potions that we are unable to identify. We also find a secret laboratory table with his research notes and a magical scroll of “clone” (a unique effect).

In the other chamber, we find a cylinder of light with a toad-like creature inside it, groaning. A beholder with mechanical arms and a legless gityhanki stand next to it, watching.

Combat ensues!

We manage to destroy the beholder, but the maimed inquisitor managed to escape.

We also drink two random potions. One of them gives Theren power points and the ability to open doors. The other one turned Samael into a pseudodragon.



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