Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Altar of Thorns

Wherein the Briar Witch is all like "Unh, come and get it, bitches!" but we completely ignore her

Treasure from sacking Andrez’s manor:
  • 950 gp
  • 500 gp gem
  • potion of healing (Zareb-Kahn)
  • +2 Githyanki silver longsword (Zareb-Kahn) (inscription on sword in Deep Speech: A boon from Osyrimon, to Skarl, of the Gul’othran)
  • iron armbands of power (Lia)
  • amulet of physical resolve +2 (Lia)
  • rod of time distortion (Theren Mordenson)

Harold also used a bunch of gold to make a level 7 magic item.

Remaining party treasure: 555 gp

We confirmed that the Briar Witch had taken possession of Uther’s body. When confronted about the price he paid for her assistance, she said we already knew: the children. When asked if any of them are still alive, she invited us to find out on the Altar of Thorns.

We spent the next three days recuperating in town, selling old equipment and buying new ones.

Harold blows his wad on ale and whores. Lia communes with nature and kills stuff in the woods. Sardon chats it up with his buddy Olwyn. Zareb-Kahn helps the town rebuild. Theren tries to help Rolgar consolidate power in the town and speaks with Szelrina about the Briar Witch.

Examining the Githyanki sword, Harold determined that inscription read “A boon from Osyrimon, to Skarl, of the Gul’othran.” Skarl was a githyanki warlord who was supposedly buried in the Spine of the World. He was an invader that tried to lead an incursion into the world. His attack failed, but he and his men survived and were trapped in the world. They lived in the Spine, building the tomb to house him.

Harold also finds out that the Briar Witch is a powerful dryad that founded a demense in the Ten Towns area. Her lair (the Altar of Thorns) is in the forests near Brynshander (which we found before). She loves making trick-some bargains with mortals to get mortals to give up their free will (and children?).

Zereb-Kahn found documents in Andrez’s manor that matched up with our adventures, indicating that we had defeated 3 of Lucan’s 4 lieutenants in the area. Lucan sent agents to secure a prophet with the barbarian tribes but lost contact with them.

Sardon finds out that Olwyn game to Ten Towns after being captured by drow bounty hunters (from Balder’s Gate). He was given his freedom in return for alerting them when he found Sardon.

Rolgar was elected to the council, along with the female dwarf merchant and Grizdahl Grimeshale ( We were visited both by Rolgar and then a smug Grizdahl, who offers us employment as his “personal assistants.”

As we were deciding what leads to follow, Keldar burst into the in, almost dead from many wounds. After bringing him back around, he explains that he tried to rescue his wife from the Black Hands, but orc raiders attacked his village and took the women and children captive.

We attempted to interrogate Andrez but he’s largely insane and we were unable to intimidate him. Zereb-Kahn treats him with a little respect and gets him to reveal that someone on the town council was an ally of his before. He hinted at more, but wasn’t forthcoming and we left him to by lynched.

As we were preparing to leave, Szelrina flagged us down and warned us that whatever we do in Targos, “don’t take the third door on the left under the temple” or you will all die. Theren and Lia burned to death. Harold exploded. Zereb-kahn was eaten. Lia shot Sardon.

We depart and despite Harold’s insistence that we stop into Targos on the way, Sardon drives us on forward to Keldar’s village.

Arriving at Keldar’s village, we discover that the have taken over the village in the bowl canyon, sending out scouting parties 5 miles around. Lia thinks that there may be a tribe of goliaths in the mountains, but she is able to confirm that the Hellfrost Glacier is nearby and thus the ancient white dragon Orellian and its brood might range over this area.

We formulate a plan to try to come around the back of the village from the mountains, hoping to contact the goliaths along the way and negotiate with them to assist in freeing Keldar’s tribe.

Based on Sardon’s knowledge of historic paths through the forest and Theren’s familiarity with the goliath’s religious beliefs, we are able to sketch out a path through the mountains that would bring us toward the village passing near areas the goliaths might hold as holy to increase our chance to encounter them and persuade them to our side. Zereb-Kahn scouted for orcs patrols in the area, saving us from an ambush or two. Harold used his magical skills to melt the snow and help us travel much more easily.

We set up camp, but hear a distant hunting horn coming closer. The orc patrol chased us through the mountains, but we were able to cause an avalanche to close off the path behind us.

The next day we are able to make our way to the Frozen Waterfall to appeal to the heroic nature of the goliaths and convince them to help us rescue Keldar’s tribe.



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