Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Antechamber of Mystra

Wherein the Last Priest of Mystra tells us to kill Sardon and we say "Hells to the no!" and then FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT!

Entering the temple, we followed the stairs down and found a large magical circle, one circle of runes set inside another. On the opposite side of the room, we noticed that something had been dragged through the far door.

The runic circles are actually set on independent stone rings that can be turned to set them in any order. The runes appear to be parts of magic spells, so they can be arranged to start the verbal components for the following spells:
  • Thunderwave
  • Acid Arrow
  • Magic Missile
  • Chaos Bolt
  • Fireball
  • Magic Weapon
  • Ray of Frost
  • Cloud of Daggers

We had several theories as to what might be the key (elemental power, power of the spells, etc.) and up settling on choosing fireball. The runes glowed, but nothing happened. Harold tried casting the same spell as the runes we aligned and that opened the door.

The next room had an arcane workbench and three doors. One set of doors had a hand holding a wand, another a hand holding an orb. Beyond runes on the floor was a third set of unmarked doors.

An apparition of a wizard appeared in the middle of the room. We attempted to explain to him that we had come to keep the god’s blood out of the wrong hands – and revive Mystra. The apparition didn’t seem to understand or believe so much time had passed.

He reveals himself to be Amwyn, high priestess of Mystra. He denied knowledge of what we seek, but offered to open the temple to us – so long as we slay Sardon, for he bears the taint of what killed his mistress.

Zereb-Kahn put his aegis of protection up and Amwyn becomes angered a copy of him stepped sideways out of him and began summoning monsters. Skeletal creatures rises up out the arcane circle and an pillar of air burst out of a chest in the room.

+4 souls for Theren. This brought him to a total of 101 souls collected and he disappeared in a burst, leaving behind a pile of brimstone. He had clearly had some hellish journey…

Shortly after the party defeated the priest and his minions (with his duplicate fading away, as if it beating eaten by acid), Theren re-appeared in a burst of fire from the brazier, his robes smoking.

  • +2 lucky charm (lvl 9, Zereb-Kahn took it)
  • 1300 gp of residuum and 365 gp of ritual components

Examining the room, we were able to determine that the runes in front of the unmarked stone door were some sort of timing mechanism, but that’s all. The two other doors were also locked by magic, but we were unable to open or determine much, other than the wand and orb iconography has something to do with opening them…

Harold used knock to unlock the unmarked door, revealing a snaking corridor with floating, magical orbs of light.

670 XP each

11601 XP total



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