Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Crumbling Castle of the Winter Queen

wherein we trash the Winter Queen's palace and Uther kicks our ass

In the Orrery, we realized that it was used to actually move the castle from place to place, and scry on potential destinations. The gnome girl stumbled in and found us, but we made her promise to keep quiet about it.

She makes friends with Loakan, and gave him a headband of clarity.

Meanwhile, Lia told the Winter Queen that she would have to think about the offer and tried to retreat.

Searching the library, we found tales of a war between the githyanki and the residents of the Feywild. The githyanki had a beachhead fortress in the Spine of the World mountains, and was filled with teleportation circles and dimensional docks. The final battle took place there and the githyanki were defeated and pushed back into the planes, though a few remained to control the now-isolated fortress.

While Zereb-Khan and Theren try to figure out how teleport back to the Ten Towns, Sardon and Loakan went to retrieve the rest of the Brynshander residents. Lia looted the Queen’s room for everything valuable and then set it ablaze, making an escape rather more urgent.

  • 1400 gp
  • 400 gp in gems
  • 5,500 gp sack of residuum
  • amulet of double fortune +3

Rigging the Orrery to move the castle back to the Feywild after we exit near Brynshander, we attempted to initiate a transfer. After the shift began, cracks appeared in the stone and there was a sick lurching – then blackness.

We awoke to find ourselves in an underground ruin, some kind of cave that used to be part of another structure. It looks like the castle had actually been super-imposed in the rockā€¦

Several gnomes that are almost made out of knotted wood and vines appear in the cave, talking about the “Queen” and how the guests must have started the fire. A roar echoes from further into the cave.

We managed to get through without fighting by convincing the giant crocodile creature that Lia was the Winter Queen (because of the treasure she had stolen).

Leaving the cave, we found the ruins of the castle, decayed and collapsing as if the fey glamour had faded. Uther and more wood-creatures were in the ruins, their appearances withered and again looking like a glamour had faded.

Combat ensued!

We defeated the wood woads, but Uther wasn’t even bloodied, so we paused there.



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