Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Death of a Dragon and the Rebirth of a God

wherein we pwn Dessakrul and manage to bring Mystra back to life

After handily defeating Dessakrul, we discover it’s hoard underneath its nest:

  • 8x 500 gp gems
  • 4x 1,000 gm gems
  • 6x jade dices (400 gp ea)
  • double-stemmed pipe the size of a barrel (aka “dragon bong” or “two pipes, one bowl”)
  • golden figurine of Mystra (500 gp)
  • brass trumpet with detail acid etching (700 gp)
  • mithral-inlaid wooden mug set with citrine (1500 gp)
  • empty ivory scroll tube set with emeralds (2300 gp)
  • platinum scepter topped with a sculpted amethyst illithid head (4,000 gp)
  • devil & demon war triptych (4,500 gp)
  • small crystal box etched with soaring dragons (5,200 gp)
  • mithral spiderweb pendent set with a black pearl spider (6,000 gp)
  • relatively unadorned metal rod with caps at both ends (magical)

Checking the exits:

  • to the northwest, a cavern densely filled with floating motes of light (which appear to be the leftover remains of the dead god’s life-force)
  • to the southeast, it goes 80 ft before curving off to the right
  • to the northeast, goes 40 ft before curbing to the left, with a steep incline.

We head to the northwest, looking for the “heart of the dead god.” Upon entering the room, we are all seized by a soul-shaking terror. Everyone but Loakan and Theren flee. They search the chamber and don’t find anything other than realize that there is such a fear powerful spell in the area that slowly poisons subjects in the area. Upon leaving the chamber, everyone else can see waves of fear radiating off the two of them like waves of heat.

We head down the southeast corridor and reach a 20’ circular chamber filled with more motes of light. We are squeezed together with each other, and everyone feels fear rising off of Theren and Loakan, almost throwing them into a terror again.

This chamber wracks everyone with soul-crushing despair, though we find a room filled with golden light on the other side, with exits to the west and south. The motes in this room are bright yellow instead of blue and wispy. A particularly bright one seems attached to Sammael and tries to lead him onward.

The mote leads him to the south, to a cavern filled with ectoplasmic stalagmites and stalactites, taking him into a further tunnel that turns out to be a dead-end. Only when the good-aligned characters reach the hallway does a presence reveal itself in their minds. Once it washes over us, we receive the following benefits:

  • +2 bonus to initiative
  • +4 bonus to death saves

We recall unfamiliar memories; the presence must have been the remnants of the dead god.

Taking the western passage off the chamber of the golden motes and it branches to the north and the southwest. The southwest passage is filled with ghostly webs with petrified githyanki. The chamber leads back to the portal we entered.

Heading to the north, we find another chamber of calcified filaments. Acrobatically maneuvering through the filaments, Sammael finds a floating light in the middle of the room. Walking into it, it wracks hiim with pain. It’s a sphere of positive energy, and we’re still technically undead.

Theran activates a phasing power to rescue Sammael. He is able to identify the positive energy nimbus as the residue of the god’s life force. Theran inserts the godsblood sword into it – it sucks it in and reacts with the sword. We see a flash of a spectral woman and then she’s gone. We’re convinced that we have resurrected Mystra.



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