Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Emisarries of Aurelion

wherein Lia is tired of the talky-talk and gets with the stabby-stabby

The Emissaries of Aurelion demand a 17,000 gp tithe from Andrez. Upon being informed of the Blackhand’s death, they demand the tithe from the town – and us.

Theren offered them whatever they could find in Andrez’s grave, and then told them about some previous encounters with Aurelion’s brood – and Koraxis (playing up the adamantine dragon’s power and influence).

Managing to intimidate and diplomacize the entourage to some extent, we convinced the eladrin to talk in the town hall, leaving the dragon at the gate.

Theren suggests the eladrin go to the main Blackhand stronghold to collect their gold, to which the eladrin responds that perhaps we could all travel together to the mountains…

The eladrin introduces himself as Fyren, son of Anfeald and the dragon as Elidur. Fyren seems eager for us to speak with Aurelion, suggesting that the dragon would want to hire the party for other ends…

The weather turned for the worst, the dragon disappeared (Lia thinks it might be a catastrophic dragon) and a blinding blizzard has kicked up, threatening to snow the whole town in.

Declining the eladrin’s offer to travel with us, Fyren tried to point to the gathering storm as a reason to postpone our travel plans… and Lia raced out of the shadows to accuse the eladrin of being responsible for the situation.

Combat ensued!

Fyren was knocked out, but Elidur, the child of Aurelion, was killed.

Theren souls claimed: 120

Once the battle died down and the blizzard dissipated, we looked outside to see rolling hills, snow-drifts and giant pine trees. The landscape was alien and strange, the environment and creatures were oddly colored.

We were in the Feywild.

+720 XP Total: 17,241 XP



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