Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Excesses of the Winter Queen

Orgies; violence; orgies of violence - all the things Liz loves

Through the trees, we can see three towers made of golden stone, each with a steep, conical point. Two green flags and one white flag flutter at their peaks.

After desecrating the other eladrin bodies to set the scene, we smacked Fyren awake and interrogated him about the area.

He claimed he didn’t know where exactly he was, but it sounded like this was part of the ancient Cendriane empire.

Meanwhile, Lia went off into the snow and woods by herself to scout and found that the forest was moving and re-arranging itself to confuse and disorient her. She found her way to a clearing only to find a regal elven gentleman who motions for her to join him in his carriage. He says that he has been expecting her for some time… He has been ordered to provide her “every luxury.”

She plays along and joins him in the carriage and is taken into the golden castle.

Unable to get much out of Fyren, Sardon argues to keep him alive in case he proves useful later. Gathering up the hostage and the bystanders who were caught in the rift to the Feywild, we began traveling to the golden towers.

The castle sits in a plateau in the middle of a large crater. We can see that the green flags have a single white snowflake emblazoned on them. Fyren says that the silver flag is probably from a house allied with the green house – and the green flags are apparently the symbol of the Winter Queen.

Entering the castle, we found an open courtyard clear of snow and are greeted by a gnome child who informed us that the Winter Queen was expecting us – “she knows everything.” The child apparently even recognized Fyren – though he didn’t seem to recognize her.

The gnome takes to our “quarters,” which turned out to be sumptuous rooms – where we found Lia resting.

The gnome child tried to remove the blindfold from Fyren, saying that the Winter Queen promised that he would be the child’s friend eventually…

Talking to Lia, Sardon recognized the autumn leaf armor of the gentlemen who brought her to the castle was similar to that of Uther Alabrion, the paladin who had given himself over to the Briar Witch.

Leaving Loakan and Rolgar in charge of keeping watch on Fyren, we explored the castle. It looked like it was built to accommodate an army of tiny gnome servants. We find out that the Queen has many attendants, but the gnomes can’t seem to remember their names, or what they do other that eat a lot and party. Visitors come infrequently, but always decide to stay and become part of the Queen’s entourage.

Cleaning ourselves up, we prepare for dinner. The Queen welcomed us to dinner, promising us our every desire.

She asked for the news from Icewind Dale since her “last visit,” claiming that she retreated from the world due to a desire not to get caught up in eladrin politics. She explained that all the other guests at dinner were other mortals who had visited the castle, whose appearance she had changed to appear as eladrin. She offered them a deal, she said.

After a very creepy dinner where the Queen is just too nice and the only crack in her facade is when Zareb-Kahn tells a tale of appearances being deceiving. After dinner, the Queen serves a dessert that appears to release the inhibitions of all the other guests. The table slowly descends into debauchery… and the Queen began to seduce Sardon and Lia.

Eventually the party pulled itself away from the debauched dinner as the other guests drifted off in groups for sinful encounters. Taking advantage of the orgy distraction, Lia tried (and failed) to seduce an attendant while the rest of us wandered around the castle.

We found a library, but it was filled only with historical texts, though we did find a secret room behind one of the bookcases. It contained an orrery surrounded by blue runes, with arcane energy flowing through them.

Lia is summoned to the Queen for their night-time meeting. She offered Lia the chance to be her servant and agent in the world. When the coachmen – Uther – returned, he said that he loved serving the Queen and she had extended his life long beyond its natural limits. Lia noticed that the Queen was whispering all of his lines…

XP: +500 Total XP: 17,741



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