Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Nest of Dessakrul

In which the rogue gets up close and personal with a colossal red dragon

We go back and talk to the undead librarian. He commands us to leave the library alone and supplicate ourselves to the lich-queen.

The ceiling has an enormous gith rune on the ceiling a trap. It’s linked to the lecturns, upon which three magic books rest.

We knock over one of the books and trigger the trap, then attack the undead librarian.

We identify the books as:

  • Dread Codex of the Silver Void (bound in illithid flesh, contains all wizard daily & encounter spells from levels 11-20)
  • Book of Vile Darkness
  • Vlaakith’s Malefic Librum (made of death slaad skin, her personal spell book containing all paragon level rituals & the ritual to create duthka’gith)

We decide to cast consult oracle from Vlaakith’s spellbook to ask the location of her phylactery. This summons a bound balor. We ask five questions:

  1. Who is scrying us? The lich-queen
  2. What form does her phylactery take? A plain adamantine box
  3. How can the phylactery be destroyed? Loakan’s sentient mace smashes the box
  4. How do we get to the phylactery? You must pass through the portal to the layer of Dessakrul deep into the heart of the dead god
  5. What is the significance of this key of astral driftmetal? _It opens Vlaakith’s sarcophagus.

We run back through the treasure chamber and up the ectoplasmic “throat” back into the chamber with the life-trap mirror and portals elsewhere in the tower.

We go through the portal deeper into the caverns inside the dead god and find a cave filled with milky-white gossamer strands that drift in a breeze that’s not there. We find a path ahead, and a half-hidden tunnel behind the portal as well.

We take the tunnel behind the portal to a teardrop-shaped chamber with two duthka’gith standing guard. They go invisible before we’re able to neutralize both of them. One runs off to wake up Dessakrul, fly-tackling Sammael into the dragon’s nest and pit, waking the great beast up.



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