Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Rescue of the Human Barbarian Village

We push onward to head back to the goliath camp with the traitor and rescued tribesman. Bringing them back to the camp, now honorary members of the goliath tribe, we explained the situation to the elders, who agreed to help us.

The next morning, we met with the elders to go over the scout reports to formulate a plan:
  • one group of goliaths will try to lure away as many orcs as possible
  • a group of goliath archers will take up positions near the mouth of the canyon to pepper any enemy force that goes through the bottleneck
  • a final group of goliaths will enter with the party specifically to get the prisoners out.
  • Locan and Keldar will scale down the back of the canyon
  • Zereb Kahn, Sardon, Harold and Theren will attack from the front and try to bull-rush through any resistance that remains.
During the afternoon, the rag-tag tribe attacks! The orcs release ogres and worgs upon us, but we burn them, freeze them and send them to other dimensions!
  • 3 ogres
  • 2 worgs
  • 1 Eye of Gruumsh
  • 1 orc beast master
  • 23 orc minions
  • 930 xp (10931 total XP)



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