Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Secrets of Targos

Everyone gets an imp!

Theren’s soul count: 95

Recovering from the battle, we confirm that we confirm that we killed about 45 orcs, so even if we didn’t kill the entire force, only a handful of stragglers remain.

  • 3100 gp
  • 4 100 gp gems.
  • potion of healing
  • +2 cape of the mountebank (with the symbol of Tempus) -> Theren Mordenson
  • angelsteel shield (with the symbol of Tempus) -> Loakan
  • 3500 gp total
  • Party Treasure: 4045 gp

Loakan purchased +2 mirrorsheen armor, depleting all party treasure.

We also find a human Black Hand who had been nailed to the ground and tortured before he died. In the same tent was a shattered clay mask – and a whole one resembling the goblin mask we had found back in the beginning that campaign. This new mask is fashioned to look more like an orc…

Azard’s Orc Mask – Allows you to speak/understand giant and even transform into an orc.

We are reminded that Black Hands were supposedly involved in a plot to overthrow the king of the orc Kingdom of Many Arrows.

The orcs apparently treated the captives pretty well, but it seems like they were trying to hold the barbarian tribe as hostage force the Black Hands to negotiate for something…

We also find out that Keldar’s wife appears to have either a gift for prophecy or incredible luck at predicting disasters. When confronted, Keldar attempts to dodge but finally admits that his wife is one of the prophetesses in the area.

The Black Hands (or at least the one representative in the area) had been trying to recruit her to help with their plans. Loakan asks her about the future of his tribe and she explains that there is a hard winter ahead…

The barbarians are also able to tell us that Orellian is a fearsome white dragon that has terrorized the north for a while. The barbarians are surprised to hear that any of his brood had traveled abroad and that another dragon was in the area – apparently Orellian has a history of keeping a tight border, implying that he is distracted and his brood is spread thin.

We continued on to Targos, finding the town battered and worn, many of the houses abandoned. There are few adult men, many of whom are wounded. As approach, an old, nearly blind man and an elf tattooed with snowflakes steps out to meet us. The old man is Aldon Oaks and the elf is Donael Lightstaff.

When we explain that we had killed the orc raiders that ravaged the town the freed Bryn Shander from the Black Hands, they warm up to us and invite us into their home.

Aldon introduces his grand-niece, a young girl named Merin dressed in wizard’s robes like Harold’s. She tried to make tea but a mischievous book imp appeared to nock it over and then disappear. Apparently her father was a wizard (Zajarn Weaver) and she has tried to take up his calling. Zajarn had briefly studied in Black Staff Tower…

Asking about the graveyard, Aldon says that it is maintained by the local priests with a shrine at the edge of the hill – dedicated to Mystra. Merin leaps at the chance to bring us to the shrine, explaining that the shrine has been here since the spell plague.

Merin explains that the priests have been protecting the gods blood since Mystra’s death. 60 years ago they hired 5 adventurers to protect the town. One of them turned it into a solid form called the “Shard of Mystra.” Apparently they fought over it and a few died but the survivors took it south. She also mentions that Malgannon had visited the town 3 years ago and taken the sword from the priests, who weren’t too sad to part with it.

We find two human twins minding the temple. Harold immediately dumps the “We’re looking for god’s blood to revive Mystra!” The twins say that all the god’s blood is gone.

The adventures guarding the god’s blood created two shards – one of which was turned into a sword. The raw shard was taken to the south.

Two of the graves on the hill are for the adventurers who protected the god’s blood, but the third holds an artifact that allows entrance into Mystra’s Last Temple, created by the final priests of the goddess which holds the secrets of how to transform and control the god’s blood.

God’s blood is a “spell pocket,” an object that contains a spell. It’s very malleable and powerful. In it’s liquid form, it negates magic.

We convince the priests to allow us to examine the third grave to get the artifact to enter the Last Temple of Mystra. Leaving Merin back at the shrine, we retrieve a staff with runes of Mystra on it from the from the grave. It is the key to the gate back in the shrine. Approaching the shrine, the staff begins to shake and hum.

The staff emits a blue light that shows a double door set into the side of the shrine. Opening then, we see a stairway spiraling downward, carved in blue stone with gems embedded in it.

We began to descend, asking the priests and Merin to stay up here – with her imp. It tries to sneak in but we caught it and kept it out.



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