Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Viewing Chamber and Menagerie

Wherein we are stumped by a scrying chamber but then kick the ass of some water and dead animals

Returning to the entry chamber, we go through the door with the Orb.

Creeping down the corridor, Lia finds a chamber covered in crystal, mirrored plates. Five people are in the room, all staring in different parts of the room. Two of them (a man and a woman) wear flowing blue robes. The other three wear red robes and are arranged in a triangle around the two.

The people disappeared when approached or touched, showing desiccated, dead eyes. We were unable to reactive the chamber, so we went back to the dragon.

He explained that the room is activated from the Viewing Chamber, where the user can project themselves into the Orb Chamber to scry. He also said that the apparitions might suggest that more wards had failed and that other dangerous creatures might have broken in.

We proceeded to the second floor of the temple to reach the viewing room.

Going down a massive stone stairway, we find three faces – two on the walls and one on the ceiling. They seemed to have moveable mouths, so Loakan climbed over to one to force it open – and it started gushing water. The other mouths also opened and steel doors slammed shut ahead of us and behind us. Monsters spewed out of the faces and combat ensued!

After unlocking the far door and defeating the water elementals, we proceed into the rest of the dungeon. The next chamber had two double doors on opposite walls – and a bank of windows looking out onto a beautiful, pastoral scene.

Entering the room on the right, we find a room full of cages with orbs set on pedestals in front of them. In one, open cage was apparently a sleeping winter wolf.

Lia snuck into the room and found that a boar was in another open cage. A wolverine was in a closed cages and several spiders hid around the room. Attacking, the creatures appear to be undead, their bodies falling apart – and sometimes reforming. When they died, rot grubs burst from their body.

Theren’s souls claimed: 116

XP 730 Total: 14,091 XP



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