Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

The Wand Chamber of Mystra


We passed through the wand-inscribed door into a rune-inscribed hallway leading to a large chamber with more magical iconography. Stone gargoyle statues stand in each corner. A metal winch connects to a metal cart suspended over a bottomless chasm, across which is another runed chamber with a large throne and more gargoyle statues. A crumpled body lies before the throne.

Harold stands on the runic circle and speaks the command word – teleporting across the chasm. The body before the throne is a cleric woman bearing an ornate draconic staff.

When Theren picked up the staff to examine it and Harold sat on the throne, the woman was animated by some arcane force – and combat ensued!

Theren fell in battle but was able to rouse himself before dying – noticing that Harold’s eyes are sheened over with gold after sitting on the throne with the dragon staff. Sardon, however, fell down the pit when trying to save him.

Getting to the bottom of the pit, Loakan saved Sardon but found an enormous bull-creature rousing behind them…



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