Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Vlaakith's Citadel on Lockdown

In which we learn to absolutely hate githyanki doors

We’re stuck in a chamber with 5 ectoplasmic portals, each working as some barrier blocking the exits. They respond to psychic energy (of which we have none, so we have to just attack them to try to get through, and pseudopods lash out against us).

Zareb-kahn, searching for any information that could help, remembered that one of Vlaakith’s greatest red dragon allies is Desacrul, a two-headed red dragon of impressive power.

Eventually we just break through one to find a chamber with two apparent rejuvenating tanks for duthka’gith. We decide to destroy them and combat ensues.


  • 2 +2 silver greatswords
  • +2 silver longsword
  • 2 +1 magic longbows
  • 30 pp
  • heavy iron key

Going back into the main chamber, we find an illusionary wall leading to a hallway with more portals and a room of 9 duthka’gith training. We sneak down the corridor and attempt to disenchant one of the portals.

We were being scryed on again and when we almost reached the end of the ritual, the duthka’gith got orders to go search for intruders trying to break into the inquisitor’s chambers.

They turn the corner and Sammael tried the usual “they went that way” lie, and they githyanki actually buy it, allowing us to complete the ritual. Inside the room, we find two more rejuvenation chambers, a shrine and a chest (containing inquisitor wrappings, along with 150 pp and twelve 100 gp pearls).

In a false bottom, we find a leather-bound book with bone bindings, an inquisitor’s journal (Sziin) and ritual book. Apparently this inquisitor joined the rebellion and learned rituals from them. It also references draining psionic essence from creatures.

We head back to the main room where the duthka’gith were dueling, searching for another way out. The desiccated corpse of an astral dreadnought hangs from the ceiling. The room is littered with the remains of dead adventurers, still with their equipment:

  • +2 magic plate armor with the symbol of Moradin
  • bag of holding containing a suite of +2 magic chainmail, +2 double-bladed sword, +3 amulet of protection and 3 potions of healing. It is also stitched with an elven inscription: Valceron Stormbow
  • a piece of astral driftmetal that might be part of an over-sized key

Loakan, climbing around, notices that the flayed, mindflayer corpse at the back of the hall has a rune on it’s skull that will crystalize anyone who disturbs it. He also notices that the end of the hallway we came from seems to let a crack of light through some times and not others, so we explore to see if it’s an illusion.

It is.



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