A Northman barbarian and guide with an insatiable appetite.


Keldar is a Northman barbarian who was once a wilderness guide for the Moonblade Expedition through the North. Keldar guided Morden Moonblade and his troupe, but had no memory of how it ended—likely, someone or something took his memories of the outcome of the expedition. Keldar was eventually captured by Blackhands and put up in a cage hanging off of the walls of Brynn Shander, a punishment given to him because of his refusal to bend to Andrez’s commands. Keldar was freed by a group of adventurers, and then joined them for a short amount of time, leading Theren Mordenson to his father’s resting place, the Tomb of Morden Moonblade.

Following this expedition, Szelrina sent a message to Keldar, urging him to return home to his wife. What he discovered was that a band of Blackhands had been dispatched by their leader, Lucan, to secure Keldar’s tribe, more specifically Keldar’s wife. As it turns out, Keldar’s wife is something of a seer, able to predict when danger is coming, and the Blackhands were in the process of securing anyone with access to visions of the future, in order to keep their plans for the Kingdom of Many Arrows from being being discovered and revealed.

Unfortunately for the Blackhands and the tribe alike, some orc had learned the basics of the Blackhand plot, and sent a strike force to take out the Blackhands. They did so, and also secured the human barbarian tribe. The imprisoned tribesmen were treated well enough for orc captives, but Keldar managed to escape and return to Brynn Shander after an arduous journey with no supplies. There, he recruited the adventurers to follow him back to the North and rescue his tribe from the orcs, which they did. Keldar remained behind with his wife, parting ways with the adventurers.


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