Lady Saharel

Lich-prophetess of Spellgard Keep


Lady Saharel was once a powerful sorceress in the Netherese Empire. Her Keep, known as Saharelgard at the time, was one of the only Netherese holdings on the Northern side of the Spine of the World. She was renowned for her ability to foresee the future, and when she died she transformed into a lich. However, something went wrong in the transformation, and he time in the world is transient at best. When the Netherese Empire crumbled, her keep came to be known as Spellgard, and was a destination for travelers seeking oracular advice.

When a band of adventurers from Icewind Dale arrived at Spellgard in search of answers about their futures, they discovered that Spellgard was being controlled by the Blackhands. After disposing of the Blackhands, the heroes learned that the Blackhand lieutenant, a shadar-kai named Thoran, had been ordered by Lucan to control Lady Saharel as a part of his plan to blind the oracles of the North.

Lady Saharel

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