A scarred human swordsman and former Blackhand captain.


Malgannon is described as, “a human male with long black hair pulled back in a ponytail and tattoos covering his torso. The man’s jaw and left cheek seem to have been devastated by an attack, and scarred flesh fails to cover bone and teeth on the left side of his face.”


Malgannon is a mysterious swordsman who has ties to a number of adventurers. The genasi hero Zereb-Khan first heard of Malgannon when he was an apprentice; apparently, Malgannon was a former student of the same Master as Zereb-Khan who had joined the Blackhands, and rose to the rank of captain in their organization. Furthermore, Malgannon was imprisoned in Wheloon at the same time as Sardon, and was one of the Seven of Wheloon (a group of escapees from the prison-city). Another member of the Seven, Olwyn Darelle, relayed a story to Sardon that during their time in Wheloon Malgannon was part of a small group that heard a story of a powerful artifact hidden in Targos.

Sardon, Olwyn, Malgannon, and the other members of the Seven escaped at the same time, apparently thanks to the efforts of a group of drow sent by a mysterious benefactor. Malgannon then traveled to the North once more. At some point, Malgannon traveled to Targos and recovered a sword made of godsblood, which was given to him (for reasons as yet unknown) by the priests there.

With the sword in his possession, at some point Malgannon crossed paths with Morden Moonblade, and then eventually broke ranks with the Blackhands and traveled south, eventually heading to Akanul. Recent visions received by the adventurers indicates that Malgannon has been spied on recently, and that he is heading to Baldur’s Gate to confront whoeever is spying on them.


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