Harold Glimmerswick

Cloistered wizard of Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep


Harold entered Blackstaff tower as an apprentice in his 20s. It’s not that he has only learned a small amount of stuff—he’s quite intelligent (I picked up all the knowledge skills)—he just has no practical knowledge. He has spent the years reading dry, dusty tomes and treatises on history. After over four decades of seclusion with scarcely more than books to keep him company, he has forgotten what the “real” world is like.

 He spent most of his time in the tower, where his needs were provided by the tower’s staff. He is unfamiliar with the town beyond what he would have learned in his initial foray into the city before going off to adventure. If you have any interest in introducing characters from his background, he would know virtually every person from Blackstaff Tower, so any mage or apprentice that studied there would be familiar to him.

Harold has spent years studying Mystra’s death and the destruction of the Weave. He believes that a person with enough magical power should be able to resurrect a god, much like one can resurrect a mortal. He is excited about adventuring because he wants to find such a ritual or gain the knowledge and power to create one. He is very interested in acquiring rituals and learning the secrets of the gods, for he believes that is key to bringing back Mystra. Although he as been sequestered, he knows of the ravages of the Spellplague. In fact, when he was a child, he was orphaned by a pocket of blue fire that ignited in his home of (somewhere outside Waterdeep?). He was unaffected by the spellplague, but it did make him witness to the horror of the uncontained, chaotic magic, and that sight drove him to see a way to solve its problem (the conclusion being, to bring back Mystra).


Harold Glimmerswick

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