Donael Lightstaff

Orium dragon guardian of the Last Temple of Mystra.


Donael Lightstaff was once a snow elf who dedicated himself to Mystra. Immediately following the death of Mystra, Donael was involved in the construction of the Last Temple of Mystra. The mage-priests building the temple used powerful transmutation magic to transform Donael from a snow elf into an orium dragon, likewise granting him the longevity of dragonkind. However, the time of the spellplague was tumultuous at best, at the magic needed to complete the transformation had to be built into a circle of runes within the temple itself. Donael remains trapped within the rune circle, in the library of the temple, with only his wisp dragon conjurations to keep him reading.

Donael was intended to be a guardian of the temple who could respond in case of magical incursion and, hopefully, be there to help future worshipers of Mystra in case the temple could ever be re-opened (after all, miracles do happen). Donael was unaware that the temple’s defenses had been compromised until a group of adventurers alerted him to that fact.

Donael Lightstaff

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