A white dragon known to terrorize the frozen North.


The white dragon known as Aurelion is something of a lurking terror across the frozen North. The civilized people of Icewind Dale know Aurelion only through tales, as it has been decades since the savage white dragon has ventured near the Spine of the World. The barbarian tribes of the North know that Aurelion is a very real danger, and that the dragon has marked off huge swathes of the frozen land as his domain. Aurelion is very jealous of his holdings, as well as very paranoid, and usually acts swiftly and brutally to defend his terrain. Aurelion makes his lair in a massive glacier built atop small volcano, known as Hellfrost Glacier.

Aurelion also has a small host of white dragons (and other dragons comfortable in the frozen lands) known collectively as Aurelion’s brood. At least two of these dragons have been slain recently, and the others must be stretched thin in their duties as another dragon named Koraxis has recently been intruding into Aurelion’s domain. The dragon also rules over several clans of kobolds, whose nests can be found throughout the North and in the Spine of the World.

The Blackhands have some kind of agreement with Aurelion, in which he has provided kobolds and dragons for support of Blackhand positions throughout the North. With the grip of the Blackhands on the North slipping, the status of this agreement is uncertain.


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