Letter from Morden Moonblade

My son,

It is my hope that you are reading this healthy, hale and in the companionship of trustworthy allies. Szelrina foresaw this day some years ago, though I cannot say for certain how much time has passed since. I know this: that you are a young man, and that you would come to my tomb, and that I would be dead.

To have received this note, you have passed through the defenses placed on my tomb by my brothers. For the danger you were placed in I apologize, but this message was far too important to allow it to fall into the hands of grave robbers.

For several years now, I have pursued a substance known as godsblood, the physical remains of the departed deity, Mystra. During my tenure at Blackstaff Tower, I discovered that godsblood could be used to undo the work of my past, something I could not allow.

If I have not misjudged you, you have already learned much of my time since leaving the Tower, but there is more you must learn. During my search I discovered two distinct instances of godsblood. The trail of one led me to the town of Targos, on Maer Dualdon. If your travels take you there, seek out the three graves on the hill, and speak to the local priests of those interred there.

The other instance long ago left the Savage Frontier, but it may yet be within your reach. The weapon has traveled to the southeast in the hands of a Blackhand swordsman named Malgannon. Do not seek out Malgannon lightly; he is a dangerous man whom even I would not confront, even with my expertise.

One last warning: beware the godsblood itself. It is a potent substance capable of great and terrible things. Mortal men were not meant to touch the divine so directly, and those who can mold it should be cautious when doing so. I fear it will undo our great works in the wrong hands, and those dark hands prowl the Spine of the World.

May Corellon guide you,
Your Father
Morden Moonblade
Thirteenth Seat of Blackstaff Tower

Letter from Morden Moonblade

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