The First Vision of Mystra's Viewing Chamber

The Vision Reveals…

You are flying bodiless above a massive city. A downpour drenches the dirty streets of the city, which spreads out in all directions. You zoom across the rooftops, drawing closer and closer to a towering gothic edifice that dominates your vision. The structure is at least 6 stories tall and looks to once have been a church of some kind. As you approach, the air wavers near the building, and the ghostly image of a tower appears attached to the side of this building. Your vision blurs as you pass through the ghost-tower and into the main structure.

As your vision clears, you see a stone chamber, lit by numerous torches and lamps, each burning with bright blue flames. Ornamental rugs, all in hues of blue, decorate the walls, and heavy blue curtains cover the windows. Lightning flashes outside, and thunder rumbles in the distance.

A blue-robed figure stands in the middle of the room, peering into what you first take to be a mirror. Instead, you see that the “mirror” shows the image of another place, a place with trees covered in autumn leaves and beautiful stone statues of elven men and women. In the image, a monstrous creature that seems to be made of pure shadow is speaking to the blue-robed figure.

“You have your orders,” the creature croaks.

“We will need more hunters, and to send them further. We have exhausted our search for godsblood along the Sword Coast, and have found no new caches in months,” replies the robed figure.

“See that it is done,” the creature replies. “I will be sending another of the Blessed to you soon. He travels with a half-elf spellcaster. The one you seek is Sardon, a genasi. He will prove valuable.”

“So it shall be,” intones the robed figure. “The most recent godsblood shipment is already on its way across the sea. It should arrive in Zakhara within the month.”

With that, the vision swirls and then fades to blackness.

The First Vision of Mystra's Viewing Chamber

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