The Second Vision of Mystra's Viewing Chamber

The Vision Reveals…

You float, disembodied, in a great, but primitive, hall. Hunting trophies adorn the walls, and rugs of great animal fur stretch across the floor. The room is empty, save for a lone orc wearing a battered metal crown who sits on the throne, brooding.

From the hall’s entrance, another orc, smaller than the one on the throne, approaches the center of the room. “Great King, the legions are amassed. The troops are in place. They await only your command to begin the invasion.”

The king shifts his dark stare toward the newly-arrived orc, and at that moment the newer orc seems to flicker, and in its place stands a black-gloved human. The flicker lasts only an instant, and is clearly only visible to you, as the orc king shows no sign of noticing the aberrant image.

After a long, tense moment, the newly arrived orc speaks again. “Do I send the order to attack, Great King?”

“Not yet,” the orc king says slowly.

“But, Great King–“

“Silence, Harg! It was by your counsel that I moved our hordes to the borders of the Kingdom. I said I would have them in place by the Feast of the Moon, and they are.”

“The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the people of the North will be alerted.”

“So what if they are,” grunts the king. “I mislike this invasion plan anyways, but if we are going to invade it will be once the winter snows have closed the passes. The Ten Towns will get no aid from below the Spine this time.”

“As you say, Great King.” The orc makes to skulk away, but is stopped when the king raises a hand.

“I will be leading the charge myself, when the time comes, Harg. You must stay here and keep the others in line.”

“Of course, Great King,” the other orc says, unable to keep a smile off his face. “I have arranged for many of my most loyal companions to help maintain order in Dark Arrow Keep.”

The Second Vision of Mystra's Viewing Chamber

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