The Third Vision of Mystra's Viewing Chamber

The Vision Reveals…

You hover, disembodied, in a place of seeming near-darkness. Almost immediately, a blue glow begins to spring up off to your left, and you quickly see that the glow comes from an incredibly ornate sword. The sword looks normal, but as the blue light glows you see that the blade appears to be made of translucent blue glass. The hilt of the blade extends downward irregularly, looking almost as though it melted down over the wielder’s hand.

As the glow rises, you can see that you hover in a large, open room, and a shadowed figure sits up from where it was lying on a cot. A whispered word from the other causes flames to erupt from the wicks of all of the room’s candles, Now that the room is lit, you seem to be sitting in a one-room building, the walls of which are lined with bookshelves. The center of the room is clear of all furniture, and scrolls hang from the walls, seemingly inscribed with arcane runes.

The awakened figure is a human male with long black hair pulled back in a ponytail and tattoos covering his torso. The man’s jaw and left cheek seem to have been devastated by an attack, and scarred flesh fails to cover bone and teeth on the left side of his face. He moves to the sword quickly and lifts it from where it rests. Immediately, his eyes turn blue, and his head whips around to look directly at where you hover.

“So,” he says, his voice gravelly and ragged, “More spies. What must I do to get rid of you?”

The man levels the sword at where you hover.

“You may have made me your hunter, but that doesn’t mean I’m your property. You sent your drow to bust me out of Wheloon, so I haven’t come to kill you yet. But my patience is at an end.

“If you’re still in Baldur’s Gate when I get there, I’ll kill you. Count on it.”

With that, he slashes through you with his sword, and the vision ends.

The Third Vision of Mystra's Viewing Chamber

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