Theren's Vision of Hell

After you got your 101st soul claimed, you vanished and reappeared a short while later reeking of brimstone and shaken by the experience.

Here’s what happened:

Theren sees a flash of light and then finds himself tumbling onto a hard stone floor. Heat seems to seep up through the stone, as though it’s built above a massive oven. Looking up, Theren finds himself in a tall, circular chamber. Arranged in a semicircle in front of Theren are six stone columns, atop which sit six stone chairs, in which sit six cloaked and hooded figures. The room is decorated with a crimson curtain that covers the walls, giving Theren the impression there are no exits from this chamber. Before Theren stands a devilish man, who looks something like this

The man (whom Theren recognizes as a cambion, reputed to be humans who have been imbued with devilish traits, including immortality) is speaking, and it appears as though he was already in the middle of a speech when Theren arrived. ”...who you can now see before you is a mere mortal. I ask you know, Great Council, is this not a clear indication that Vulnazzar has failed to abide by the Law of Pacts that the Supreme Master has laid down for us? Behold, the mortal. He bears no Mark of Dealings, nor does he have a proper quasit observer. Vulnazzar has all but given the power of the Hells away.”

Stunned as Theren is, it is hard to choke out even a word. From one of the six seats above Theren, a rumbling voice echoes through the chamber. “What is your recommendation, Advocate? The mortal’s pact, poor though it may be, cannot be interfered with now.”

“Further,” says another voice, this time clearly a woman’s voice, “Vulnazzar’s bindings grow weaker by the day since the pact was made. Clearly, he is drawing power from the mortal and weakening his chains, somehow.”

“That’s as may be,” replies the cambion, “But I would be remiss in my duties as Advocate if I did not also point out that, in addition to an improper pact, Vulnazzar’s deal with the mortal is a threat to the Lords of the Nine. Let us not forget the angels of Kelemvor that attacked so recently. Can it be mere coincidence that the Hells have seen more incursions from the Lord of the Dead’s lackeys in recent hours than we have in eons hence?”

“Your recommendation?” urges the rumbling voice, tinged with impatience.

“Destroy the mortal,” he says, pointing a finely-carved golden rod toward Theren. “The Supreme Master’s decrees may keep us from interfering with the pact, but what is the life of one mortal to protect the Hells themselves? Dare we risk outright war with Kelemvor’s angels, all for the sake of a pitiful pact made between a mortal and one of our own who would defy the Supreme Master’s edicts, all for the sake of breaking himself out of a prison he allowed himself to be trapped in? I say send this mortal’s soul to Kelemvor to appease him, and let Vulnazzar rot under Myth Drannor until the Day of Return.”

Silence reigns in the chamber for a long moment, and then the woman speaks up. “We will consider your recommendation, Advocate. Send the mortal back, for now. Let Vulnazzar get what he can out of him. We will deliberate, and make our decision before Vulnazzar can break himself free, no matter how much he siphons off of this one.”

With that, the cambion turn and holds the golden rod out toward Theren, and the bright light consumes him.

And that’s the point at which Theren rejoined the party.

Theren's Vision of Hell

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