Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Dopplegangers Revealed

In which a foolish doppleganger attempts to convince us he is Morden Moonblade but gets his ass kicked. Then we argue a lot about what to do next.

Leaving Harold in the Last Temple to Mystra, we ask him to send a message to Szelrina that the Blackhands are manipulating the orc kingdom to invade the Ten Towns area in the winter, when the pass is blocked.

We also had him send a message to Koraxis, the not-so-bright adamantine dragon who hates Aurelion (the dragon working with the Blackhands) about the same situation, hoping his rivalry with the other dragon will cause him to get involved.

Exiting the temple back to the real world, we find the small shrine empty and the town surprised to see us again. The priests of the temple were nowhere to be found, but talking to the town leader we explained the orc situation to him.

The town leader called on Donael Lightstaff the snow elf – but that was the same name as the dragon that was inside the temple. Confronting him on this discrepancy, we revealed that he was actually Morden Moonblade in disguise.

Talking with him, he explains he went north on an expedition searching for god’s blood. The Blackhands sent an assassin (Malgannon) after him and he has been in hiding since then, disguised as the snow elf.

We don’t believe his stories about what he wants to do with the god’s blood. He asked to travel with us, but Loakan did not trust him and attacked him, suspecting him of being a doppleganger (partly because his disguise did not appear to be a magical effect).

Combat (without a battle-mat) ensues!

Turned out he was a doppleganger.

He said there was no need to harm him, he had lived here in peace for years. The priests of Mystra walked in – and turned out to be dopplegangers as well.

The truth we could piece together was this: Morden Moonblade came into the town and found out about the temple. Lucan heard about it and sent the dopplegangers into the town (taking the place of the priests of Mystra) to intercept anyone who came out with anything. They gave the godsblood sword to Malgannon and have watched it ever since.

They were ordered by their master Osyrimon (a githyanki warlord who was looking for godsblood as well) to serve Lucan, suggesting a larger, older conspiracy surrounding the material.

Unable to tell us much we didn’t already suspect or bribe us with anything of value, we left the dopplegangers to the frontier justice of the village and they were strung up on our way out.

Heading to Brynn Shander, we are greeted by the townsfolk and Rolgar. He has a letter recovered from a Blackhand agent talking about them giving up on Icewind Dale and all troops should retreat to Dark Arrow Keep – using the orc-disguise masks.

This then leads us to debate whether we should go try to deal with the orc kingdom or rush to Baldur’s Gate before we expect Malgannon might arrive there (so we can ambush him as our lead for more god’s blood).

Eladrin arrived at the gate to Brynn Shander asking for us – emissaries of Aurelion. They were coming to talk to Blackhands, but when they find out that the Blackhands are all dead, the summoned a white dragon surrounded by a swirling blizzard.

1560 XP Total: 16521 XP



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