Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Following the Trail to Zhakara

wherein we turn in Sardon for the reward money, and then raise him from the dead using the godsblood

The Order of the Blue Flame is defeated, the city watch begins a purge of the city – but many cultists have escaped.

Searching the tower, Theren talks further to Vulnazzar in the mirror. The devil demands to be released, promising Theren just about anything he wants. Vulnazzar warns of Fierna (an arch-devil ruling over Phlegethos, the Patron of Fire and Pleasure), a greater threat who wants to burn the world to ashes.

Searching the rest of the floor, we fine 2,000 gp of ritual components. Examining the undecipherable letter we had found before, it turned out to be from Maldor Sonewright to Osyrimon (the githyanki warlord who had the dopplegangers watching for godsblood in the north). The letter explains that this shipment was the final shipment of godsblood, fulfilling any agreement with the Order.

Zareb-kahn gives Theren a headband of insight.

We give the ledger and member list to the guard so they can capture the loose cultists, and explain how to safely deactivate the tower. We ask them to let us know if they find out where the godsblood was being smuggled to, and to deliver the arcane weathervanes to the ship.

We return to the ship as well, resting for the night, planning to try to meet with Imar Al-Hazir (captain of the Sapphire) in the morning. Miranda has apparently disappeared.

The next morning, we go to speak with Al-Hazir and Sammael sneaks aboard to observe in case the negotiations go poorly. He finds 4 huge, cast-iron barrels with sealed stoppers covered in arcane runes.

We are able to convince Al-Hazir of the evils of the Order of the Blue Flame and work out a deal: we will take his cargo (42,000 gp worth of godsblood), accompany him to Zhakara and deal with the githyanki on arrival.

Krovar was apparently waiting for us at the ship, wanting to join our crew.

The crew also had a note from Miranda: Theren is a naughty boy and has made her job much harder, but she will be running errands with Fortune. “Don’t wait up.” Also, she reveals that Vulnazzar has paid off the rest of Sammael’s debt…

Zareb-kahn turns in Sardon’s corpse for the bounty on his head (keeping a tooth for the purpose of a later raise dead). He uses the 40,000 gp reward to set up a trust fund for Jacob Grant, the Order of the Blue Flame acolyte who betrayed the cult and helped the group overthrow them.

We set sail from Baldur’s Gate to Zhakara, collecting the godsblood from Al-Hazir during the trip. 15 days out, we cast raise dead on Sardon – using the godsblood as ritual components for it…

Level to 15 for next session.



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