Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Interrogating the Githyanki before Tu'narath

To tell the truth, and only the truth

Doom-Guide Faractis says that she thinks it would be best if the group approached Tu’narath in the Debt of All Men, claiming that the Kelemvor ship encountered the githyanki vessel and destroyed it on the way.

The Doom-Guide does promise not to murder Theren while he’s on her ship. Though the angels of vengeance certainly do eye him suspiciously as he boards.

The party heads back to the githyanki ship to fire the weapons at the Kelemvor ship to simulate battle damage. We are able to salvage 4 bricks of risiduum from the githyanki ship and we manage to not blow up the Debt of All Men when shooting them with the weapons.

One of the exalted of Kelemvor apparently had a connection to the godsblood as well and had known Uther Alabrian. Theren chats religion with Ignus, talking about how souls move through the cosmos.

We met with the githyanki giustil and attempt to negotiate with him. He demands his freedom (and a silver sword) in exchange for telling us whatever we want to know. He professes great knowledge of godsblood.

Unable to make a deal, we just call in the Inquisitor and find out that the Lich Queen is using wish and the godsblood to absorb the divine power of the city of Tu’narath itself, which is built on the body of a dead god.

He knows of no way to stop the ascension, though the sha’sal khou (githyanki rebels) led by Zetch’r’r have been searching for a way to stop it.

He also confirms that the Doom-Guide’s plan to trade him for souls has no hope of success.

We also get teleportation codes to

  • Tu’narath
  • guistil sailing vessel
  • material plane (Zhakara)
  • material plane (Icewind Dale)
  • Sigil

He also explains how to use a ritual to gain the power Sardon has (raw divine power). He also details 5 rituals of level 15 or lower.

Outside the interrogation room, Ignus gives us a scroll of seeming and explains that after the captain is escorted off by the githyanki, we will be able to try to sneak into the city.

The Inquisitor takes Theren aside to “speak” with him, pressuring him to explain his soul-stealing ways. He warns Theren to stop tampering with souls or Kelemvor will extract his vengeance.



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