Campaign of the Month: May 2009

Forgotten Realms: The Savage North

Kelemvor's Doomguide in the Astral Sea

Wherein we steal yet another githyanki ship and set off into the Astral Sea

Our ship dwindles into the distance… so we decide to steal another githyanki ship to chase after it. Sammael turns down the plan to turn into a githzerai with a huge dong to distract the crew and instead saunters up in a disguise while Lia snuck up underneath the astral raider – everyone else just prepared to ram the boat with the skiff Loakan stole…

Surprisingly, combat ensued

We managed to steal a ship and escape from the shipyard, but are followed by several other vessels. We manage to lose the ships, but our old ship manages to race ahead toward the Tu’narath, the githyanki stronghold. We also notice a non-githyanki ship (named “The Debt of All Men” – aka “Death” intercepting us – Theren presumes it’s a ship dedicated to Kelemvor).

We turn off our githyanki map and try to speed up to avoid a direct intercept, but the ship tracks us down and prominently displays both the symbol of Kelemvor and a white flag of peace. The ship is manned by black-and-white angels, introducing their captain as “Doomguide Faractis” (a shadar-kai) and their navigator-prophet as “Ignis” (a daeve apparently trying to impersonate an angel). Ignis received a vision that they were to intercept us and travel with us to Tu’narath. Heading to dinner, we are introduced to Inquisitor Elsivran, a powerful angel of Kelemvor.

Apparently Kelemvor regularly sends a “diplomatic mission” to Vlaakith, the githyanki lich-queen, asking her to release the souls she has captured in her tower. No one has ever returned, and this is the Doomguide’s mission – but Elsivran has captured a giustil (or githyanki “priest”) and is hoping to barter the prisoner for souls.

The angel also reveals that the lich-queen is attempting to become a god, presumably using the godsblood the githyanki have been harvesting.



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