The Godsblood Incident of Targos

Sixty years ago, a band of five adventurers came to the town of Targos. One of those adventurers was a young elf paladin, Uther Alabrion. These adventurers discovered a repository of godsblood being guarded by the last remaining priests of Mystra and held in the shrine above the Last Temple of Mystra. The priests hired the adventurers to guard the godsblood.

Soon, however, the godsblood proved to be too tempting, and the adventurers began to fight amongst themselves. When one of the adventurers tried to steal the godsblood for himself, he murdered the group’s cleric and made a run for it. Uther Alabrion slew the rogue and reclaimed the godsblood, and the adventurers’ wizard delved into the Last Temple of Mystra and retrieved rituals to transform godsblood into other items. The wizard transformed one chunk of the godsblood into the sword, and one into a godsblood shard. The sword was left in the care of the priests, and the shard was taken south to Baldur’s Gate.

Uther Alabrion abandoned his companions and retired in Brynn Shander, weary from the conflict. The remaining two adventurers took the shard of godsblood south, but along the way ran afoul of a nobleman who wanted to claim the shard of godsblood for himself. In order to keep the godsblood from falling into the nobleman’s hands, the adventurers’ warlord allowed himself to be captured and sent to Wheloon for imprisonment, while the wizard carried the shard of godsblood on to Baldur’s Gate.

The warlord rotted in Wheloon for decades. Sensing the end of his days coming, the warlord confided in Olwyn Darelle and Malgannon the story of his imprisonment. When the Wheloon Seven escaped, Malgannon killed the old man and eventually headed north to Targos to claim the godsblood sword.

The Godsblood Incident of Targos

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